Château d'Alteville

Elegant family property in the lake district

Farm products for sale

Alteville's farm is owned by Ghislain, David's brother and Tristan, David's nephew

The farm is certified "Organic Agriculture" since 2011.

Some of the products produced and sold in our farm shop :

- Beef meat (blonde d'aquitaine race) : 12 €/kg per pack of 10 kg

- Veal meat ((blonde d'aquitaine race)  : 14 €/kg per pack of 10 kg

- Free range chicken : 9,50 €/kg

- Deli meats/cold cuts (beef) : dried sausage, dried meat ("viande des grisons"), merguez, sausages to roast...

- Plain flour : wholemeal flour or halfmeal : from 2 €/kg


Detail of the products available and orders directly on the farm web site (tab "farming products" / "orders") :

Please let us know if you prefer to take away the products during your stay at Alteville. If so, please remember to bring a cooler for the fresh meat (vacuum packed).


Direct reservation ​


Tel: +33 (0) 6 72 07 56 05

Open April 15th-October

Check-in from 5:00 pm

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